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Goddess Macha is first & foremost a Financial Dominatrix. Expect that you will always need to satisfy her craving for y(our) cash before She is willing to allow you to entertain her, & even then it will be on her terms only. You will bow before her & learn to submit fully & completely before she will ever consider owning & collaring you. Be prepared to be on your best behaviour at all times, or else.

Goddess Macha has been in the fetish & femdom scene for over five years now & transitioned into the role of a Professional Dominatrix approximately two years ago. Her values as a Domme include the following; consent is paramount, safe words will be used, soft & hard limits must be set. Goddess Macha believes in both RACK & SSC, in that risk will be minimized where possible and informed where not.

Goddess Macha has a long list of fetishes which you can begin to explore in her post, Favourite Femdom Fetishes, but know that her interests go far beyond what is listed there. As you will need to do before a session, she has listed her hard limits & will expect you to respect them as non-negotiable. Goddess Macha’s hard limits include, but are not limited to; racial humiliation, scat, blood play, or anything that involves an individual who has not given consent to participate.

Goddess Macha is located in South Eastern Ontario & accepts online servitude, cashmeets, chastity keyholding, & real time sessions in the surrounding area. Travel dates are often shared on Twitter, submissives will always cover all expenses for me to travel including a luxury 5 star hotel suite. Visit the Serving Goddess Macha page for more information or to pay your fees & apply to serve for an authentic experience.

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